drawing room 19.

Textile Print Design
Central Saint Martins

My final major project engages the relationships people form with their possessions and how these objects come to construct and define one’s identity. Although inspired by the collected objects themselves, a focus is on the whimsical and surreal memories and associations these possessions evoke. There is an emphasis on the unique through intricately drawn depictions and hand-made ceramic embellishment. These ideas manifested themselves in an experimental mixed-media approach to printmaking in which I have tried to push the boundaries between print design and fine art. Through a combination of digital printing, silk- screening, pigment hand-painting and biro mark-making, in combination with the delicate ceramic ornament, I have set out to narrate a whimsical tale about identity through the idea of literally wearing our possessions and memories as fashion garments.

All images subject to Copyright Nicole Levenberg 2012